We can see a lot of bots right now. More and more companies implemented some sort of bots to replace labor-intense tasks. They called Virtual Assistants. I remembered I used Aetna as my health insurance many years ago. Aetna used a Virtual Assistant, and I forgot her name. She can answer some simple questions, or present to you many choices if she cannot find the answers. The experience was similar to google search. Most bots we know belong to chat bots. Some bots have simple conversation capability with pattern matching technique, and some bots can tap into sophisticated artificial intelligence services.

I chose Microsoft Bot Framework due to my existing knowledge of Microsoft technology stack. I downloaded the bot framework, and created my echo back bot by following the tutorials.

It was quite easy to create a simple bot. The bot emulator was easy to use.

From the simple example I followed so far, I can feel we have to design a complex state machine to implement a more sophisticated bot…


Microsoft Bot Framework

Create a bot with the Bot Builder SDK for .NET