I was looking at an Excel worksheet the other day. There were so many calculations, and most of calculations were composed of numerous formulas. One typical calculation was around eight lines with no spaces among them, and used so many formulas such as IF, VLookup, AveragesIf, SUM, COUNT, TRIM, etc. Basically, these calculations were little programs by themselves.

I had no idea about how the calculation worked. So I began to indent each formula inside the calculation to understand how it worked. Soon I felt frustrated because there were so many. I cannot do it like this, and had to find a better way…

I began to search Internet, and found this nice utility, Excel Formula Beautifier, and its source code is available at GitHub. It saved me tons of time. Added to my toolkit.


  1. http://excelformulabeautifier.com/
  2. Source code at GitHub, https://github.com/joshbtn/excelFormulaUtilitiesJS