Had a VS solution with a few projects, and added existing projects from other TFS folders. Set up a build definition with continuous integration and unit tests, built successfully in local machine, checked in, and got this error “MSB3202: Project xxx.csproj not found”. Verified the project xxx.csproj was at the right location. However, TFS build server and agent cannot find it. What was going on?

Researched internet, found many articles and blogs. However, still cannot solve the issue.

In the end, figured out how to solve this build error by trial-and-error. Here are the steps.

  1. Go to Source Setting of Build Definition
  2. Add entries like the 2nd and 3rd row (highlighted in red) explicitly specifying the Source Control Folder and Build Agent Folder so that TFS know what to do with existing projects in other TFS folders.


Source Control Folder Build Agent Folder
$/DefaultCollection/Main/SolutionX $(SourceDir)\SolutionX
$/DefaultCollection/Main/ExistingProjectA $(SourceDir)\ExistingProjectA
$/DefaultCollection/Main/ExistingProjectB $(SourceDir)\ExistingProjectB