Python is gaining in popularity. According to TIOBE Index for January 2017, Python is the fifth most popular programming language. I am recently interested in Raspberry Pi, and Python is the default language for it. So I picked up this book for a quick study because I like the self-paced style of Murach’s books.

This book is an introductory text to Python, and covers most of the programming concepts. I was able to follow the text and finished those exercises in Python 3 very quickly.  I also learned to use the IDLE, an IDE for Python, along the way.

From what I read in chapters of this book, Python is as powerful as most popular traditional languages such as Java and C#. However, Python is simpler and more intuitive. I believe teenagers should learn Python as their first language. In addition, Python is an interesting programming language which combines the best features of popular programming languages such as Java (platform-independent) and JavaScript (loose type system).

I strongly recommend this book to those who just want to learn Python. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer.

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Updated @07/15/2017. I changed my mind. I strongly recommend Microsoft Small Basic to Kids 6+ – 12, which is so much easier to learn. See my post at